Sandra W

I think Dr. MacKay was an excellent surgeon.  I am so happy to be on the healthy track and able to live my life again.  Almost pain free right now.  So I’m just glad Dr. MacKay and staff did a good job.  Thank you.

Robert S

I think he is very professional and caring.  I think they gave me a thorough examination and everything is good.  Thank you.

Mara B

Everyone is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  Dr. MacKay is professional, kind, caring, and explains things well.  I appreciate that he has a plan for me and my condition.

Laura H

Staff is always friendly and makes sure your privacy is taken care of.  The staff is very polite, caring, and made sure all of my questions were answered.

Louise R

Dr. MacKay is probably the best doctor I have ever had.  He has given me my life back. I don’t have any more pain or numbness or tingling in my legs and I can walk again and I can stand again and I just feel like as I said.  I think I’ve been given my life back and I just thank Dr. MacKay for using the gift that God is giving him.  Thank you.

Kathy K

Dr. MacKay was very professional!  He explained everything completely, listened to my concerns, and answered all of my questions.  I hope I don’t ever need spine and neuro surgery again, but if I do, I will be requesting Dr. MacKay!

Kevin T

The practice was very good about scheduling the appointment on a timely basis and the appointment went very well.  Very well explained, really appreciated the time that they took to let me know what is happening with me.  Greatly appreciated their time ever.  All the staff was very good and they are very timely with my appointment rescheduling and explaining what the next steps will be.  Very impressed with the practice.

Katherine G

I‘m very scared of a spinal surgery.  But when I met with Dr. MacKay, I felt that he put me at ease explaining the necessity and was honest about the recovery.  I’m actually looking forward to having him solve my back problems as nervous as I am about the procedure.  I really am trusting him.

Judith M

He is very personable, he explains everything tremendously well, and I love his sense of humor in his kind manner.

Ronald W

PA and staff were very professional.

Mary G

I have always had a good experience with Dr. MacKay and his staff.  I would recommend him above anyone else I’ve seen before.

Michelle M

Dr. MacKay is an amazing and outstanding, caring, and loving and sharing doctor that is final in everything neural surgeon that you could ever recommend anybody.  He is a major, outstanding doctor and we’ve been together for quite a long time and I would recommend him to everybody.

Robert P

I have always been very pleased with Dr. MacKay and the staff at Spine and Brain Group.

Anne J

Dr. Christopher MacKay and his team are knowledgeable and professional.  I could not be more impressed, happy, and lucky to have been transferred to him and his team for surgery and after care.

Claudia R

I‘m very pleased with everyone I’ve had contact with.

Laura H

Everyone made me feel relaxed, they explained everything along with all tests that were ordered and why.

Lori T

Dr. MacKay took his time and listened to my concerns and worked with me to what was best for me.  Very nice and caring provider.

Kathy K

Dr. MacKay and staff were great.  I felt very comfortable with all of them and felt they were genuinely concerned about my well being.

Tim B

Very pleased with Dr. Mackay.

Sheryl R

So kind and informative!!  Answered every question I had until I was satisfied.  The woman in the office set everything up including office visits and calls to setup other appointments.  They're the best!!!  All were so encouraging!!

Dennis R

Very nice doctor.

Lumbar Surgery

My last check up and X-ray showed a full recovery from my lumbar spine surgery. I wanted to THANK YOU for the expertise and excellent care you provided. I brag about you all the time and have referred two of my friends to you. Brad is a gem too! God bless you Dr. MacKay.

Sarah R

Explained things well and took his time with me.  Friendly and helpful.

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Staff – Doctor’s Day

A major contributor providing excellent neurosurgery services in our community.

Bernice T

I felt he was thorough and explained things as well as he could since this was a tele-appointment.

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Staff – Doctor’s Day

Thank you for being part of our team. You are mentioned frequently by your patients and by staff as being a physician to be recognized. One patient said, "Dr. MacKay is outstanding in every way."

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Staff – Doctor’s Day

Dr. MacKay has been a wonderful addition to Surgical Services. He is easy going, patient and kind – he’s just a wonderful doctor to work with.

Jay S

Dr. Mackay and his staff were very helpful and understanding.  He took a lot of time to explain the problem, review the treatment options, and answer any questions or concerns that I had.

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Staff – Doctor’s Day

This soft spoken surgeon’s kind words and fine skills have raised the already high standards of care at Aspirus Hospital.

David W

Dr. Mackay and team were outstanding with explaining everything in detail before and after surgery.  The whole team at Dr. Mackay's office and even the other doctors that were involved with special testing to figure out if nerves were damaged and the hospital stay was a 10 star.  All of Dr. Mackay's nurses were all exceptional to work with every time you call they would always answer and if you had questions.  Special thanks to Jamie and Jenna with all of their help before and after surgery.

Kathryn T

I've been pleased in my two appointments with Dr. Mackay with his straightforward and honest approach.  The only frustration has been the delay in my surgery due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is obviously out of his control.

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Staff – Doctor’s Day

Always willing to help educate our nurses and appreciating all we do to care for our patients.

James O

Dr. Kari Miller was excellent, her attention, caring, and making sure that I understood everything that was discussed.  I wish all doctors took the time to care for patients the way she did.

Patient Education

Dr. MacKay,
I wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support, most importantly, your expertise and success in my surgery. I now have peace of mind and look forward to continued recovery. I appreciate all you have done for me. I am thankful and fortunate to have you as my surgeon. With gratitude, thank you.

Jill L

No, I love her.  She is just like the best and very kind and I felt very comfortable with her.  Thank you.  They did everything well and I felt very comfortable, and they are miracle workers.

Patient Education

Dear Dr. MacKay,
I want to thank you for taking the time to explain things so clearly so we could make an important choice on what to do. We both thank you very much for doing the surgery and being concerned and caring – not only about the patient – but also our family. Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday season and again thanking you for the wonderful present that you gave to us.

Getting my Life Back

Dear Dr. MacKay and Staff,
Although words may seem inadequate, my family and I wish to thank you for your expertise and the assistance you gave to my brother during his stay at the hospital. I’m so appreciative of all you did for him, including saving his life. Even though he has had some challenges, my brother is doing well. Thank you and best wishes to all of you.

Brad B

I really thought she did a good job!

Getting my Life Back

Dear Dr. MacKay,
I am so grateful to you for giving me back my life. I had almost given up. I know I have a long way to go and many changes to make – but it seems like a miracle to me. You are a remarkable surgeon and have a great caring staff, please pass that on to all of them. God bless as you continue your work!

Carol G

Highly recommend him and the clinic to anyone and I hope my surgery goes smoothly and recovery is well.

Patient Care

Dear Dr. MacKay and staff - THANK YOU! I am so very blessed to be one of your patients. I truly have received a miracle! I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to all of you! Your team was so kind, patient and professional – helping to restore and heal my spine – eliminating my pain! Your excellent medical and surgical care is second to none. Thank you.

Steve S

Very welcoming staff.  Physician and other healthcare providers were timely with appointments.  My wife was able to participate through the phone connection.

Anne J

I beleive Dr. Mackay wants to do what is best for the patient and that is why he listens and makes sure the patient understands the information he provides.

Patient Care

Dear Dr. MacKay and staff - 
THANK YOU! I am so very blessed to be one of your patients. I truly have received a miracle! I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to all of you! Your team was so kind, patient and professional – helping to restore and heal my spine – eliminating my pain! Your excellent medical and surgical care is second to none. Thank you.

Michael Z

Yes, I have seen Dr. Mackay myself, and he is very wonderful.  He understands, he doesn't push you out of the office and he listens so we understood what had to be done for my husband and I think he's a swell guy.

Patient Care

Dear Dr. MacKay and staff - 
What a blessing that your neurosurgical group was on call that terrible day when I was admitted to the ER. Thank you for your patience, kindness, expertise and professionalism! I am improving each day thanks to you Dr. MacKay and your wonderful staff.

Patient Care

Dear Dr. MacKay and staff - 
Where do I start to thank you for all you have done for me, including all the extra care provided during the surgical and healing process. I know how skilled you are in surgery – but it’s the rest of the care that really makes the package complete. I know you didn’t do this alone. Please pass along my gratitude to the Pre-op and Post-op teams. I promise to do my part and work hard on my physical therapy and rehabilitation. My immediate and extended family and friends thank you as well.

Carolyn F

The whole team at the Spine and Brain Group is extremely efficient.  They listen to you.  They take... they help you schedule all your appointments, and you really don't have to do anything except show up.  I would recommend this provider to family and friends, and anybody that needs back surgery.

Sharon W

Very understanding.

Donald K

Excellent doctor, very thorough very friendly explain things perfect and understood everything.  Good guy.