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stock photo 53420828 female basal ganglia anatomy brainThe pituitary is a small gland attached to the base of the brain (behind the nose) and is often call the “master gland” because it controls the secretion of most of the hormones in the body. The pituitary is responsible for controlling and coordinating growth and development, organ function (kidneys, breasts and uterus), and gland function (thyroid, gonads and adrenal glands).

Endoscopic pituitary surgery, a minimally-invasive approach to remove a pituitary tumor, usually does not require a large incision. This procedure, using a thin-lighted tube and camera called an endoscope, is designed to reduce risk to injuring the brain by creating a small keyhole opening inside the nose in order to access the tumor. The neurosurgeon works jointly with a team of ENT/head and neck (ear, nose and throat) surgeons, plastic surgeons, neuro-oncologists and radiologists.

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