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stock photo 45745232 spondylosis Back surgery requires the surgical skill of a neurosurgeon and the patient’s commitment to proper rehabilitation. The one category of back surgery called “complex spine surgery” is the most difficult to perform. Complex spine surgeries may involve many vertebrae in the spine and require extensive surgery time.

Complex spine surgeries encompass the more severe spinal deformities such as major curvatures of the spine like scoliosis or any congenital abnormalities, kyphosis or spondyloisthesis, spine tumors, revisions of previously unsuccessful operations, degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, vascular malformation or axial skeleton pain or patients who have experienced severe spinal trauma from an infection or injury.

Many spinal surgery procedures are performed using advanced, minimally invasive approaches – leading to a faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and reduced postoperative pain – all geared towards better patient outcomes.

The surgical procedure of spine reconstruction can be divided into two methods: spinal fusion surgery and replacement operation for diseased disc or vertebra.

Types of reconstructive complex spine surgery may involve placement of hardware such as titanium rods, bolts and screws to secure the vertebrae together to straighten and strengthen the spine; placement of bone grafts between the vertebrae acting as an internal cast to stimulate bone growth and support the disc space; or artificial disc device replacements can be implanted into the spine to replicate the functions of a normal disc.

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