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While you have drains in place, do not take a shower, or submerge the wound or soak it in water. For hygiene, take a sponge bath as needed and avoid getting the wound and drains wet. Remember, this will only be for a few days until we see you back in the clinic and remove the drains.

Change your dressing daily with a gauze and tape dressing. Make sure the dressing is not stuck to the drains and avoid pulling on the drain tubes while removing the dressing. Apply a new dressing and make sure the drain entry sites are covered by the dressing.

You only need to empty the drains if they are full. After you have emptied the drain, compress the bulb, and place the stopper back in the drain.

If the drain comes out partially, you can leave it in place and apply a dressing over it. If the drain comes out completely, simply place the drain in a plastic bag, and save it for us to look at when you attend the clinic.

If you have questions or concerns, call 715-843-1000.

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